After SEVEN YEARS of bitching

about Obamacare, when it came down to actually HAVING A PLAN for Health Care, the jerks(R) totally whiffed and the best they could do was to throw out a half-baked, no details piece of crap bill and say, 'Pass it, and in the next few years we'll fill in the details'.
Seven years wasn't long enough for the jerks(R) to actually craft a plan.
Typical Pub bullshit where they bitch and whine, but offer NO solutions, and it's never been more obvious what a hollow shell they actually are when it comes to meaningful legislation.
The good news? John McCain is finally trying to redeem himself for his Sarah Palin debacle.
As for McTurtleface? He blamed the whole debacle on, 'The Democrats, who refused to work with the Pubs'.  OMG!, And sheep swallow this crap?


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