As I have always said, If you wanna understand politics,

just follow the money. Well, Robert Meuller, head of the FBI is following the money and it leads from Trump to Russia and back again. The Liar in Chief claims the Miss Universe pageant was his ONLY business dealing with Russia, but both of his sons have told how Russia bank-rolled his golf courses and other real estate deals when money dried up in the US.
According to Eric, 'Russians LOVE to invest in US real estate (esp Trump projects).' The only way to tell is to look at the Liar in Chief's taxes, and he won't allow that. Can you imagine Hillary trying that move if the situation were reversed? The rightwingnuts would be marching with pitchforks and torches, demanding prison, or worse.
What, the Orange Clown is lying? AGAIN? Who da thunk?
He's a lying sack o' shit that will say whatever he's thinking at the moment and whatever he wants others to believe. And why not? The gullible sheep swallow it all and ask for more.
Now, as the investigation is tying him ever closer to Russia, he's threatening to fire all involved (again) and his clueless minions(R) are crying 'fake news' and ignoring all the obvious ties to Russia.
Same old shit from the same gullible, ignorant FOXSheep.


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