As I look at the current divide in the country

I can totally understand the Civil War, though I don't understand why it was called 'civil'.
I think our country is more divided NOW than it was in 1859.
Bottom line, one side believes in science and 90+% of the news agencies in the world.The other side is anti-science, anti-higher education, and willfully ignorant in their decision to get their 'news' from the organization created by Roger Ailes, Chief Political Strategist of the Repub Party.
 FOX gives the sheep one side, as the 'mainstream media' bends over backwards to present 'two sides', AS IF the 'Flat Earthers' deserve equal time.
Anyone who can look at the Liar in Chief' with his HUNDREDS of well documented LIES and expect 'equal time' is just plain ignorant at best, and 'willfully' ignorant more probably.
The new 'Civil War' will begin more subtly, unlike Ft Sumter', but the seeds are the same.
Like the rightwing slave owners(R), vs the Northerners, who were anti-slave.
Easy to see who was right then, just as it is now. You can line up behind the Liar in Chief, or NOT.
I'm kinda looking forward to the coming altercation, as the sheep follow the most vile, amoral, vain, arrogant, unqualified SOB to ever inhabit the White House.
AND, he's supported by the Evangelicals.
Sounds like WAR to me.


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