Has anyone noticed?

Remember when Kellyanne Conway and 'Spicy' made fools of themselves trying to justify the crap that came from the Liar in Chief?
Well, no more. Not that the Orange Clown has quit lying.... HA!
But, the Trumpies have found a way around anyone questioning the bullshit that oozes from the White House.
They just quit having press conferences. Yup, for a while they cut back on them and now they've just quit.
Can you imagine the screams from the rightwingnuts if Obama had done that? BUT, he didn't have some clown sweating his ass off, trying to make sense of  the continual LIES he's paid to diffuse, like Kelly and Sean.
The clowns simply visit Bullshit Mountain where they have softballs lobbed to them and the sheep happily swallow the pablum (pureed bullshit) that is served to them.
Problem solved, the Republican way.....


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