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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

I knew I'd seen that act before

esp the one where The Orange Clown entered the RNC, a backlit silhouette, fog machines fogging, loud music blarino as he sauntered out like a Roman emperor into the Coliseum.

Trump act has roots in WWE

“Parallels are uncanny” between wrestling bravado, president’s tactics

NEW YORK» Making bombastic boasts. Dropping signature catch phrases. Attaching insults to rivals’ names. Shouting down perceived enemies.
If President Donald Trump’s recent attacks on television personalities, journalists and political rivals feel like something straight out of the pro wrestling circuit, it may not be a coincidence.
Madigan was struck by the parallels last summer when Trump was introduced at the Republican National Convention. There was a backlit Trump, unveiled in stark silhouette, who then sauntered onto stage at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, just like wrestling’s most infamous antihero, The Undertaker.
“His demeanor, duration of his walk to the podium, his playing to the crowd. ... Pure Undertaker,” Madigan said.
And Trump’s tiger-like pacing on stage behind Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate last fall in St. Louis? That’s how wrestlers stalk their opponents during pre-match taunting sessions.
In subsequent months of Trump’s tweets and public feuds, it became clear to Madigan and other former WWE writers that Trump was channeling professional wrestling in his politics.
“The parallels are uncanny,” said Domenic Cotter, a producer who in the mid-2000s cut backstage segments for WWE.
And it worked. He took a proven act of fakery, loved by the 'uneducated', his favorites, and rode it to the White House, and now we're stuck with the Liar in Chief, as he treats the presidency like a WWE event. Thanks a bunch, Repubs...


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