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Friday, July 07, 2017

Just finished the series 'The Keepers' on Netflix.

an amazing documentary about Catholic priest sexual abuse (and worse) in Baltimore. A true story, it shows the POWER of the catholic church in dealing with police, local politicians, doctors, etc.
When confronted with SO MANY facts that they can't ignore them anymore, the church pays off the victims, whose lives have been ruined, and shuffles the priest off to a fresh set of victims. Sickening, but SO true, as in the acclaimed movie 'Spotlight' that documented the same thing in Boston.
Just yesterday, we heard of some of the highest officials in the Vatican being busted in a 'drug-fueled, gay sex orgy' AT the Vatican apartments.
The world's largest, richest business, with power in all areas of govt and private life continues to fleece the gullible and when confronted with their crimes, pays off the victims with money fleeced from the same sheep they're victimizing. Some things never change.


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