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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Just more dirt, from the dirtball

who built his rep among the clueless sheep by promising he had YUUUGE news about Obama's birth certificate. FOX kept the story going for over a year, as the Orange Clown kept teasing new info. 'You won't believe what my investigators are finding....' Remember?
Yup, the Orange Asshole kept the sheep on pins and needles until he basically said, 'Just kidding'. BUT, the same jerks who swallowed his crap voted for him.
Now, we look back and see where he 'teased' MAJOR news about Hillary, right after Donnie JR's meeting with the Russians.
Donald Trump promised a “major speech” attacking
campaign rival Hillary Clinton last June, just days after
his son, Donald Trump Jr., was informed that Russia
had compromising information on the Democratic
In a speech on June 7, 2016, first flagged by
Washington Post reporter Philip Bump, then-candidate
Trump promised to discuss “all the things that
have taken place with the Clintons.”
BUT, it was just another lie. SURPRISE!
But he sure TRIED, with his Russian connections...


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