Just saw excerpts of the Orange Clown's speech

to the Boy Scouts, where he bragged about the size of the crowd. REALLY.
Every one of his supporters should be FORCED to listen to the whole thing, and every time they cringe should have a fingernail pulled out, then, by the time toenails come into play, these degenerates may rethink the dirtbag they voted for.
No Shit! Listen to the Liar in Chief's speech to the Scouts and tell me he shouldn't be taken out and shot. Even the shameless should be shamed by this jerk(R), as he throws all kinds of politics and self aggrandizement, along with what billionaires do on their private yachts, just to motivate them to be greedy. No Shit!
 C'mon. listen to his speech to the scouts, or catch the highlights on Colbert's show.


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