Kinda dry, but SO true

Even as the disgraces, crassness, and affronts to human dignity increase almost daily in the Trump administration, many evangelical Christians continue to stand beside this regime. Although the words and actions of Trump’s government seem antithetical to Christian values, his supporters seem unperturbed by the lies, conflicts of interest, immorality, and lack of compassion that characterize this administration. These contradictions, however, begin to make sense if we analyze this kind of evangelicalism as a political theology directed toward theocracy rather than an expression of authentic Christian faith through political activism.
As a political theology, Trumpian evangelicalism arises from the Christian Right’s history of wedding church and state in order to further the political goals of Christian theocracy and triumphalism. In other words, Trumpian evangelicalism seeks to impose on all Americans a particular brand of evangelical thought and morality through legislation and court decisions that affirm government by the dictates of the (political evangelical) church and the triumph of the (political evangelical) church over other forms of religious and political organization.


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