Logic would dictate that after the fact

that the top of Trump's campaign committee, (incl head and son) met with the Russians, that the Liar in Chief would shut up about collusion being made up by the mainstream media.
The Orange Clown continues to spout lies to his minions, who don't give a shit anyway, about obvious collusion being a 'Russian hoax' created by 'Fake News'.
While the rest of us choke and gag, the morons that elected him and  continue to swallow his crap and stumble through life with their heads deeply and firmly implanted.
Nothing new here, BUT, what will it take for the sheep to realize, 'Hmmm, maybe the Russians DID help him, for a reason?'
Nah, what am I thinking? The FOXLies believers could NEVER make that leap of logic....


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