Of course I can't prove it, BUT,

there's a clear explanation for what's going on with The Orange Clown and Putin. As always, follow the money.
Russia is less like a country than a large oil company, Their main, by FAR, source of income is from oil, but they had sanctions against selling it AND drilling in the Arctic where YUUUGE reserves are known to exist.
Let's just imagine while the liar in Chief was in Russia, for one of his beauty pageants, he was caught in a compromising situation. Very possible. AND, let;s say the Russians, the best hackers in the world, saw a way to not only support him in the election, but also hack a few votes in critical areas to get their boy in the White House.
Now, the clown controls all the agencies that control the sanctions. Who's to say the Commies haven't already started drilling and exporting the 'forbidden' oil. Trump's man in the game is Rex Tillerson, former head of EXXON who has dealt with the Russkies on MANY occasions.
The same Russians who bankrolled the Donald, for his MANY projects, when he was broke and the Russians were looking to launder billions in illegal gains, now has a friend of the highest order. Donnie Jr, once famously said, 'When dad couldn't get money anywhere else, the Russians came through.'
It would be obvious to see, IF the Liar in Chief would open his tax records, BUT, he never will, so we're just left to speculate. Just mix in Trump's money/banking connections, Tillerson's Big Oil people and the Russian Mafia/govt. Voila' Russian oil now back on the market, with a YUUUGE money pot to split.
It's as old as time. Follow the money, catch the crooks, BUT, it's gonna be hard, when the fox runs the henhouse. Bottom line, the sleazeball is SO dirty and arrogant it's just ammeter of time 'til he's caught, BUT, the amount of damage he can do, between now and then, is nearly incalculable. And all we can do is sit, watch and wait.
Donald Trump, President of the United States. Seems impossible doesn't it? MUCH less likely than the scenario I described.....


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