One of the MANY reasons I can't stand

the Orange Clown is cuz he does DUMB STUFF, like fighting for coal (dirty, polluting, uneconomical) jobs.
Where/when I grew up there were no jobs when I needed to work, SO, I traveled to Dallas (I hate Texas) to make some money.
After moving to Colorado, where there were jobs, they dried up, SO I moved to Houston (I HATE Texas) where I could make some money.
BUT, the Liar in Chief likes to appeal to the lazy, 'uneducated' ( his FAVORITES), SO he talks to the coal miners and says he will 'protect' their outdated jobs, and the gullible sheep love it.
If I had to travel, relocate for a job, why shouldn't the uneducated miners(R)?
If I gotta explain it, you are too stupid to understand it.
Nothing new here, as natural gas is SO much better in SO many ways, but the gullible, ignorant morons(R) vote for the ignorant Orange Clown, cuz they believe his lies.
AND, the working, Christian sheep fell for a New York billionaire who has ALWAYS been against the 'working man' (note the thousands of lawsuits) as well as being the most UNChristian person of the decade.
Can you say 'Clueless'?


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