One of my MAIN problems with the Trumpies

from the Liar in Chief on down, is that they lie their asses off, and a YUUUGE number of people don't even care. When did truth stop being important. It IS in my (immediate) family, though I have I have a niece who constantly lies, though it's not her fault. Her world had realities that were constantly shifting, as she was taught Biblical myths, then get a 'real' education. Not her fault...
BUT, the adults that swallow Trump/FOX lies are not so easily forgiven. They know the difference between facts and lies, but don't give a shit. It's called FOXNews, where lies and facts merged long ago, and as long as the 'news' says Dems Bad, Pubs Good, that's all that matters to the morons.
How else do you get a vain, arrogant, pathological liar as prez, with a third of the people 'not even caring'.
Thank Roger Ailes, and his 'alternative facts' passing for real news on Bullshit Mountain.
Screw 'em, but let's hope the 'head up their ass' crowd can't take down our country, though they have a good jump on it..... President Trump? OMG it hurts to even say it....
I can remember when a double digit IQ wasn't embraced by a third of the country. BEFORE FOXNews was swallowed by the sheep(R).....
The Kook, ‘the Mooch’ and the Loot
The communications problem in this administration is that no one cares about the truth.


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