Say what?

The Orange Clown continues to prove he doesn't have a clue about how things work in Washington. NOW, he wants to change how the Senate votes, after they couldn't get a majority of votes, even though THEY hold the majority.
The Liar in Chief now wants to 'change the rules' What? The jerks(R) should get to pass a bill when even THEY can't  agree on it?
What a dumbshit! But nothing new, as even his most ardent supporters have to be thinking, 'What the hell have we done?'

'LOOKING LIKE FOOLS': After failure of health care bill, Trump demands major change in how Senate votes

After the humiliating defeat of their 'anti' Health Care Bill, the Pubs are facing the REALLY tough job o passing meaningful Tax Reform, AND getting a Budget approved, which is gonna be tough, with all of them having different lobbyists, wanting some 'return' on their YUUUGE donations (bribes). 

SOOO, what are the Bozos doing? 

Going after the Dems in the last administration, of course.


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