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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Some thoughts from my buddy Dave's post

Repubs are basically saying that cooperating with a foreign dictator is no big deal if it protects us against real threats, like universal health care.
To make this appeal, they created a media establishment – Fox News, which drew in many working-class whites. This meant that a large segment of the population was no longer hearing the same news – basically not experiencing the same account of reality – as the rest of us.
In the short run, it probably means that no matter how bad the Trump revelations get, most Republicans, both in the base and in Congress, will stick with him – because taking him down would be a victory for liberals, who are worse than anything, including the Russians.
In the long run, it makes you wonder whether and how we can get the country we used to be back. There was a time when Serbs and Croats seemed to get along fairly well, indeed intermarrying at a high rate. But could anyone now put Yugoslavia back together? At this rate, we’ll soon be asking the same question about America.
The Donald isn't the cause, he's just a symptom, of the divide in America as Roger Ailes' (former Repub Political Strategist) dream came true, and Republican propaganda became a news source THE news source for the gullible, who can't tell the difference between opinion and facts, but know where to go for what they WANT to hear.
ONLY the continual lies of FOX could have paved the way for a pathological LIAR like the Liar in Chief, as his CONTINUAL lies don't even make the sheep blink. Lies are nothing new and totally acceptable. 


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