SOOO, how do FOX and the Pubs (one and the same)

rationalize the collusion between the Orange Clown and the Russians?
Easy. It's Hillary's fault. She did it first, but now the fake  news is blaming Trump.
RU shitting me? Nope. Read the FOX headline.
It's Hillary's fault. OMG! you can't make this stuff up.
And the sheep believe this shit?
When in doubt, blame Hillary and the Dems
 It always works for the clueless sheep, and will probably again.

ON THE OFFENSIVE: WH alleges DNC, Clintons caught in 'collusion'

and then, just in case the sheep didn't 'get it', we got the 'Jesus' Trump card;
OMG, what kinda jerks fall for this crap. Oh yeah, the sheep.

Trump seen praying during Oval Office meeting with evangelical leaders


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