Sprinkled among his multitude of LIES

were a bunch of  'promises' by the Liar in Chief. These included 'immediate' repeal of Obamacare, with a cheaper, better alternative. (Nobody knew it would be so hard). He'd immediately begin construction of The Wall. (where, down the middle of the Rio Grande?) American ranchers won't allow it to cut off their water supply and Mexico damn sure won't allow it on their side. Hundreds of miles of Indian reservations say No Way' BUT, the rightwingnut morons LOVED hearing it, so the Orange Clown kept saying it. Now, it's 'back burner; at best.
The jerk(R) was gonna make Infrastructure Spending JOB ONE! Bullshit, he's done NOTHING.
And, America was gonna be Number One, again. Bullshit. The US is a laughing stock among world leaders as the clown is ridiculed in nearly every country in Europe, plus, Mexico, Canada and Australia, to name a few.
The Liar in Chief claimed, 'We'll win SO MUCH, you'll get tired of winning'.
Well, anyone tired of winning yet? HA! I am tired of being LIED to, as there are over TWO HUNDRED documented lies from the clown(R), from crowd size, to Voter Fraud numbers to meetings with Russians as well as all kinds of economic facts. Just Google 'Lies Trump and put in any number from 10 to 200.
Bottom line, he's a lying POS that hasn't done anything but 'Build the Swamp' since he slithered into town, with over a thousand active lawsuits against him, mainly for stiffing workers and suppliers after declaring bankruptcy SIX TIMES, You can't check, though, cuz the a-hole won't release his taxes.
I could go on and on, but the gullible morons who voted for him don't give a shit. They are SO happy with SO much winning, they are getting tired of it....
His big WIN that he brags about?
He got a conservative onto the Supreme Court when all the Pubs had was the Senate, House and Presidency. Wow! What a FEAT! He's a 'Jenius.'


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