The Denver Post again had some interesting articles this morning,

concerning the rightwingnuts who claim (with ZERO evidence) that the US was created as a Chrisitian nation, and should be ruled as such, today. WRONG. The main movers and shakers, Jefferson and Adams, were in fact ANTI-Christian. (See Jefferson's Bible and and Adams' Biography).
Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, for example insist that the United States was founded as a Christian nation and that fostering the country’s Christian, or Judeo-Christian, identity is essential.
Neither the Declaration of Independence nor the U.S. Constitution, the country’s charter documents, are partial to Christianity.  Likewise, the Constitution merely recognizes “freedom of religion”; it doesn’t endorse Christianity — it doesn’t even mention it. These omissions present today’s Christian nationalists with a real awkwardness, as to why a generation of men and women who said everything somehow left this important thing unsaid. 
If you listen to Pence, Sessions and their ilk, you'd think Jesus personally delivered the Constitution, pre-written on stone tablets. WRONG.
Again, nothing against spirituality, but don't 'make up stuff' to rationalize your beliefs, esp when it leads to electing a vain, arrogant, unqualified buffoon, to lead MY country, cuz he claims (SO obviously falsely) to be a Man of God. C'mon show a little intelligence.
The last time you sheep got together and voted 'one of yours' in, we got GW, lied into war and the worst recession since the Big D. Now, your new boy makes him look GOOD.
Give us a break.....


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