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Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Denver Post kicked a hornets nest last week

when they (correctly) reported that the US was NOT founded as a Christian nation, as most rightwingnuts and politicians would have us believe, The two MAIN writers of the Constitution were anti-Christian (Jefferson and Adams) and Washington was no supporter.
Nothing makes it more clear than the following: If you don't believe it, Google 'Treaty of Tripoli'. I'm sure it won't stop the rightwingnuts, although they lost all credibility as Christians (and moral humans) by electing the amoral thug, Donald Trump.
 Our own U.S. Senate, in 1797, stated clearly that “the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.”
The words appeared in the Treaty of Tripoli, written when George Washington was president, sent to the Senate by John Adams, who followed Washington as president. It was read aloud in the Senate and also printed for every senator. The senators voted unanimously to ratify, with no dissension noted in any record, and there is little evidence of any public complaints when the treaty was printed in three newspapers, in Philadelphia and New York City.
Those folks were there, closer than we are to our history. They should know.

Will this make the sheep reconsider? Of course not. When they've been taught (wrongly) something they WANT to believe, they stick with it. Facts be damned. In their world Jesus handed the Constitution to the Founding Fathers and they merely signed it, no matter WHAT history actually shows.


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