The irony of the Orange Clown firing Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

isn't wasted on me, but I'm sure the sheep don't have a clue, as usual. I can't stand the jerk(R)
BUT, he has recused himself from anything Russian, incl firing Meuller, who is investigating the Liar in Chief..
Trump wants his own puppet, cuz Meuller is stockpiling evidence against the Liar in Chief.
SO, the lying a-hole wants him GONE, but the prez can't fire him. BUT, the 'new' Atty Gen can.
Even the clueless, head up their ass, sheep must understand this, MAYBE, but I'm sure they don't care.
(R) in the White House is as far as their stunted brain goes, no matter if Russia put him there. Irrelevant, according to them, AND, why the Russskies, our enemies, LOVE him.
Think about it, rightwingnuts, Russia loves Trump, and helped him be elected, according to ALL US intel. but don't hurt your tiny brains...
Basket of Deplorables is too kind for you jerks(R), as you support the worst liar EVER in Washington.
BUT, you've been trained by FOXLies, where truth doesn't matter.
Nothing new here.
C'mon, listen to his Boy Scout speech.... and try not to puke.


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