The morons(R) who voted for the Orange Clown are forgetting one thing.

Trump isn't, and wasn't EVER a real Republican, BUT, he can fake it long enough to confuse the sheep. Just like 'claiming' to a Christian, in the phony, hypocritical move that got MILLIONS of votes from the 'Noah's Ark is Real/God hates Homos' crowd.
Now, these same clowns are shocked that he can't rein in the'herd of cats(R)' in Congress and get something done.
How're those 'Repeal Obamacare, Build the Wall, YUUUGE Infrastructure Spending' promises going?
Oh yeah, just Bullshit talk from the Head Bullshitter.
Well, he DID get a Repub appointed to the Supreme Court.
Yahoo! That was tough with a Repub Congress, and is basically the ONLY deal, from the 'Art of The Deal' jerk whose main plan is, 'Lie to them THREE times and they'll believe anything', which is HIS QUOTE.


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