The OBVIOUS fix for health care in the US

is to keep the good parts of Obamacare (many) and FIX the bad parts (many). That is what the YUUUGE majority of we Americans want, AND what the head Dem, Chuck Schumer has proposed.

BUT, a YUUUGE number of Pubs in Congress have vowed to NEVER cross the aisle and negotiate with 'the enemy'. AND, their home districts(R) are SO Gerrymandered that to be caught trying to work with a Dem would mean being voted out by the Rightwingnuts in their district.
SO, welcome to the wonderful world of Repub Politics, as Washington suffers gridlock and the US people just suffer.
Negotiate on HelathCare? HELL NO! say the Pubs..... Kill Obamacare or Die Trying....
BUT, don't you dare try to take away Congress's Health Care!


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