The Orange Clown embarrassed himself and his ilk

(just kidding cuz you can't shame the shameless) when he was the ONLY 'nay' vote among the G20 as they re-affirmed the Paris Accord.
The Liar in Chief had assured his ignorant minions that he could re-negotiate the world-wide accord that took YEARS to negotiate.
Well, he tried it and the rest of the civilized world told him to basically 'stick it up your ass' and voted 19-1 against him
Wow, I'm shocked, but I'm sure Bullshit Mountain will make sure that he is the ONLY sane leader on the planet, and the sheep, like Debbie from Dallas, will swallow it, AGAIN, as they think pissing off the world will end well for them.
Trump voters, not known for their intelligence.....


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