The Orange Clown and his lackeys

in his administration, political party and FOX-PARP all say, concerning the meeting with Russia, which they vehemently DENIED, until they were BUSTED, 'No big deal, EVERYBODY does it.'
Bullshit. Not with an adversarial foreign country. NEVER, has it been known and condoned.
Show me ONE example. This was a first, and was just part of the Russian plot to install the Liar in Chief as prez.
BUT, after they(R) are caught, LYING, AGAIN, it's 'No big deal'.
I'm SO sick of the lying, two-faced hypocrites  who SCREAMED about Hillary's Private Server, cuz it MIGHT be hacked (it wasn't) by a foreign govt. BUT, when a foreign, hostile govt DOES hack an election, the hypocritical bastards are fine with it.
Same old shit from the Pubs, who place party HIGH above country.


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