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Sunday, July 02, 2017

This morning's Denver Post has an advertising sticker, placed in a funny spot. The headline is about the Rockies pitcher, Jon Gray, having the POTential to be an 'ace'., but it reads differently....          

In other stories, I once again agreed with George Will(R), one of the few Pubs with a functioning brain, as he says Congress needs to 'Tweak' Obamacare, taking the best and fixing the worst, in a bi-partisan effort to get the best health care possible for the American people. Duh... But the Orange Clown is telling them to 'Repeal NOW' and replace later. RU kidding?

A Letter to the Editor claims he wants the Pubs to pass the HealthCare bill as it is written, so it punishes the idiots that voted for Trump, and they learn there are consequences to being uninformed. It's called Kharma, and I agree, to a certain extent, BUT, it would also punish those who could see through his lies, and voted accordingly.


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