We can only hope...

Hours after three Republican senators including John McCain dealt a crushing blow to President Donald Trump's hopes of repealing Obamacare, at least one political operative claimed the Trump presidency "is effectively over."
And this isn't even counting the vicious clown show going on in the White House with The Mooch going after The Liar in Chief's inner circle with profanity-laced rants that would make a drunken sailor blush.
Whenever you think they can't POSSIBLY get worse, the Orange Clown and his bottom dwellers continually lower the bar. 
While the 'freak show' gets the headlines, the courts continue to rule against Liar in Chief, where he's had 'thousands' of suits against him, mainly for 'screwing' people, as in Trump University and not paying workers for their work AND pulling all the assets out of companies before he declares bankruptcy and leaves others 'holding the bag'.
All this is just Trump being Trump, like a rat is just a rat, BUT, for so-called 'thinking Americans' to support this asshole is just UNBELIEVABLE, but SO Republican. 
Sickening, but nothing new, as the gullible sheep get their 'news' from FOX and are clueless about what's actually happening.
BTW, FOXCrap headlines today are, 
DOJ Should Investigate Comey, and 
'Hillary's Book Won't Tell You What Actually Happened. 
And you wonder why the sheep are SO ignorant?


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