You ever wonder what they REALLY talked about?

Yup, the Liar in Chief and the Russian (ex?)KGB agent who put him in power had two hours together, with ZERO reporters allowed to hear/record the results. How much outright laughing you think went on, as they celebrated together after a Hail Mary pass from our main enemy came to fruition.
NOBODY thought it could happen, but it DID, cuz FOXNews has convinced enough gullible sheep that ONLY THEY tell the truth and every other outlet, worldwide, (BBC, Reuters, EU, etc) can't be believed.
Donald 'The pussy grabber' Trump as US president?
They must have laughed their asses off for an hour of the two hours they were together.
THEN, so we could all enjoy a good joke, the Orange Clown suggested a US/Russia, bi-lateral commission to stop cyberattacks. I bet they still hurt from laughing so hard....


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