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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Texas GOP Mantra

Little or no govt, until WE need it.
East Coast? Screw'em.....
Texas? UNLIMITED Federal aid.....
Remember, you can't spell HYPOCRITE without (R).

I love Garrison Keillor, and his common sense wisdom

From Lake Woebegone, his 'Prairie Home Companion' touts good ol' down home, Mid American values, which clash with the Orange Clown in the White House, as he points out in today's article.

 (As you mature, different experiences) lead you out into the world beyond your ego and into unexpected friendships and discoveries, valuable experiences, an enduring respect for laws and limits and for the energy of optimism, and eventually you can learn to be a good person.
This is common wisdom, shared by stubborn conservatives and airy liberals alike, and no wonder we are all fascinated by the raging alien who is president of the United States. The smirk, the scowl, the New Yawk con man talk — so-and-so is a “great, great guy,” it was a “beautiful meeting,” the “incredible support,” “fantastic,” “unbelievable” — the compulsive bragging, the inability to admit mistakes, the blindness to ethics. What is this jerk doing in the White House? How soon will he disappear?
Garrison Keillor is an author, entertainer and former host of “A Prairie Home Companion.”

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Was surfing the movies on Netflix

and saw 'Midnight Cowboy', that was a YUUGE movie in 1969;
The story of a dumbshit Texan who goes to NYC.
 Had forgotten how sad it is.
Couldn't watch any more, as of about half way in.
As for Jon Voigt(R) who played the title character Joe Buck? He's as stupid, or MORE so, now, as he was then.
Really depressing movie, about clueless hicks.
Some things never change....

After getting the gullible sheep to vote him in

the Liar in Chief has changed his tune. Wow, who da thunk? The NYC rich guy is gonna SLASH taxes for the rich. Guess who's gonna pick up the slack?
The same yokels(R) who fell for his lies.
Yup, the sheep.
Wow, who da seen this coming?
Can you say GULLIBLE?

WASHINGTON – A year after saying he would raise taxes on the rich, President Donald Trump is now pushing a proposal that instead would give those Americans an enormous tax break.

Reality, Texas style....

Matt Wuerker/POLITICO

Today's Denver Post 'nails it'

The recent pardon of convicted former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio by President Donald Trump illustrates a continuing and dangerous pattern of this president to challenge the authority of the nation’s judicial branch of government. Trump has consistently attempted to circumvent judiciary decisions he does not agree with and has disparaged judges who have issued those decisions. This narcissistic and alarming behavior can also be seen in his contempt toward the legislative branch when he issues personal attacks against those congressional representatives who oppose his misguided policies. Furthermore, Trump persists in his attacks on the free press, discrediting its reporting when it doesn’t align with his distorted perceptions and beliefs. These deliberate efforts by the president to impugn the roles of the legislative and judicial branches of government, as well as the free press, constitute a direct threat to our democracy.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

IF ONLY the US could be so fortunate....

What? Does UK have a rule.like Canada, where it's illegal to broadcast lies?

Fox News will no longer air in the UK 

Of course I feel sorry for the victims of Harvey, but,

'for the most part' I really don't like Texans(R), cuz 'for the most part' they are vain and arrogant, like the current Liar in Chief. AND, they gave us GW Bush and their votes gave us the Orange Clown, and, they are mostly uneducated Bible Belt thumpers who are total HYPOCRITES, as they preach one thing, but live something else.
 When it was New York and New Jersey hit hard by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, all but one Texas Republican in Congress ― Rep. John Culberson ― voted against a $50.5 billion package to help people in those states.

NOW, it's DIFFERENT, cuz the Texans want help, and they are led by Slimy McSlimeface who's out front, asking for aid.
Nothing new here, but SO typical for the jerks(R).

Monday, August 28, 2017

Was gonna report on the latest Russian Bank investigation,

and they retained the SAME lawyer as the Orange Clown uses, in the transfers of hundreds of millions of dollars.
And was gonna reiterate the fact that 2/3 of the US KNOWS the Liar in Chief is a lying douchebag and the other 1/3 know, but don't care.
BUT, the 'new news' is that OVER HALF of Repubs 'DON'T CARE if the Liar in Chief was elected with the HELP of Russia.
They don't care.
Think about it!
What else can I say?
It all falls into 'shaming the shameless'. It can't be done...
Now, we know the Putin controlled Russian banks had YUUUGE dealings with Trump, as in HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars, during the campaign.
But the Pubs DON'T CARE, as the Orange Clown is 'exploding', cuz Meuller wants to look at his finances. We all know we can't look at his taxes. Think about it....
You think the rightwingnut assholes would care if Hillary did that?
Never mind, am using logic on the totally irrational.
The FOXSheep dumbasses just don't care about Russia electing Trump.
What more can I say....

Sunday, August 27, 2017

I've seen some amazing duels in sports, BUT,

today's golf tournament, with the last few holes between Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth was 'off the chart', with DJ playing like Superman, to nip Jordan, who was almost as good. Wow....

There are two YUUGELY famous billionaires

One (Bloomberg) was elected as mayor of NYC, three times, the other one, hated by 85% of the people in the city who know him best. He got 15% of the vote in NYC.
 BUT, the yokels elected the Lying SOB as prez, cuz he can 'relate to them'.
The FOXSheep don't have a clue, and actually BELIEVE the mountains of lies that the lying SOB spews on a regular basis.
How can it be explained?
The yokels believe FOXNews and the preachers who tell them they'll go to hell if they don't vote Republican. Literally... They live 'out there'... Vote Repub, to save your soul, from everlasting hellfire.
And you wonder how how we got the Orange Clown as prez?
Thank Rush and Sean, who shovel shit to the gullible every day, plus your local preacher(R).....

Yes, it's TRUE, Google it

Sleazy McSlimeface, aka Ted Cruz, voted AGAINST aid for Hurricane Sandy victims, saying we needed to 'offset' the cost with cuts elsewhere (Planned Parenthood). But NOW, he's in Washington, cup in hand, begging $$ for his fellow Texans, not offering to 'offset' any of the costs.
OR you can just say, Typical Republican.
Some things never change.

Before the floods began in Houston

there were three types of people.
Those who heard/believed the climatologists and left.
Those who were too poor to leave,
Those who heard, but were too stupid to leave, although they could have.
Who da thunk Climatologists would know 'of what they speak'?
This is FOXNews country, where Rush and Sean outrank those with actual knowledge.
Too bad, as they suffer through these next few weeks, although not even the ignorant sheep deserve the crap they're gonna endure.

As a disaster insurance adjuster

primarily doing hurricanes the last few years, (the last being Hurricane Ike, in Houston, 2008), I can tell you the first thing that comes to mind, when I was finally allowed in, is the STINK.
Yup, that hot, humid weather grows mold, and all types of bacteria, and those odors mingle with rotted garbage that sanitation trucks can't pick up. And LOTS of mosquitoes and other bugs.
If I hadn't been totally overpaid.....
Houston, even in the best of times, is a TERRIBLE place to live, with heat, humidity, polluted air from all the refineries, colossal traffic jams and FULL of Texans(R).
The upcoming hell is gonna make those conditions look like 'the good old days'.
Am kinda sorry for most of those poor people, but if you CHOOSE to live in Texas(R) you kinda deserve what you get.
Sorta like choosing to be a coal miner, then bitching when you get terminal 'black lung'.
AND they helped give us Trump, after giving us Bush. so 'Too Bad, So Sad".
Of ALL THE PLACES in the US, they chose to live in Texas(R).
Maybe they'll learn, as the universe punishes them.
Texas, where education is looked upon as a liberal weakness.
All this being said, am sorry for my sweet niece, who is (sorta) forced to live there.

File it under. The A-hole in Chief Strikes Again

Not content with abetting only one violent sheriff,
President Trump on Sunday supported another:
David Clarke, the notorious Wisconsin lawman with
a long history of alleged abuse.
Trump started his morning by tweeting an 
endorsement for Clarke's book "Cop Under
Fire," which has been out since February.
Both men, although sworn to upholding the law,
repeatedly broke it, when it suited them.
Trump's kind of guys....

After the fourth major Navy accident of the year

and more sailors killed, it's obvious that the Navy doesn't have enough qualified leaders and probably too many ships to adequately control.
SOOO what does the Orange Clown propose? Along with MORE bombs and bullets, tanks and planes, he wants HUNDREDS of new ships.
Yup, in a world where terrorists use computers, vehicles, and martyrs with suicide vests, the Repubs can't build MAJOR military hardware fast enough, cutting domestic programs for MORE AND BIGGER weapons.
Same old shit from the jerks(R) who've never met a military spending package they didn't LOVE.
And guess what? They WILL find wars to use those weapons. They(R) always do.
Just look at the VA hospitals....

Those same Climatologists, that Texans(R) refuse to believe

when it come to Climate Change, just NAILED IT, when it came to the forecast of Hurricane Harvey.
BUT, the Red State is one of the leaders in Climate DENIAL, cuz they are home to the YUUUUGE fossil fuel industry, SO, that allows them to believe FOXNews, stick their heads up their butts and deny basic science, when it's convenient for them.
Yup, they choose Sean and Rush, over educated, intelligent sources. Some things never change....
Let 'em think about it while they sit in their soggy single-wides for the next couple of weeks...

"The flooding in and around America's 4th most-populous city is going to write world headlines and set records for generations," tweeted meteorologist Roger Edwards of the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center.
This is “worse than the worst-case scenario for Houston,” tweeted WeatherBell meteorologist Ryan Maue.

File it under: Typical Repub Hypocrites

The same jerks(R) who voted AGAINST Emergency Aid for Hurricane Sandy victims are now begging for, and getting, aid for Hurricane Harvey victims.
Remember, you can't spell HYPOC(R)ITE without (R).

With Texas now having to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, lawmakers Cruz and Cornyn are looking for federal disaster aid - after they voted against a crucial aid package for New Jersey and New York following Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
The Dallas News says eight Texas representatives in 2013 voted against replenishing the National Flood Insurance Program, which was already running out of money ahead of Sandy.
All but one member of the Republican delegation from Texas also voted no on a second bill providing $50.5 billion in aid for Sandy victims.
Gov. Chris Christie, who had announced his bid for the GOP presidential nod, had specifically called out Sen. Ted Cruz in 2015 for his "no" vote when Texas had already received aid for flooding in previous disasters.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Orange Clown flipped a Big Middle Finger

to the US Judicial system, by pardoning Sheriff Joe, who was CONVICTED for obviously breaking the law, and NOT re-elected, even by Far Right wingnuts.
Yup, the racist Liar in Chief sidestepped the 'rule of law' that the US is based upon.
F**k him and the horse he rode in on, as he IGNORES the US legal system, to protect the racists, KKK, Nazis and rightwingnuts who support the 'A-hole in Chief' and his twisted view of America, where breaking the law doesn't matter IF you support a racist agenda.
Laws, courts? Screw 'em.... The prez will protect you, just like he promised to pay the legal bills of those who attacked the protesters at his campaign rallies...
Jesus must be SO proud.....
BTW, the Liar in Chief and Sheriff Joe BOTH got famous and popular, with the rightwingnuts, by claiming Obama had a 'fake' birth certificate, and was/is a Muslim. Really?
And the dumbshit sheep piled on..
As for ignorance, nothing new here, but it gets SO old....

Some things are 'self-evident'

but not when you're dealing with the Orange Clown in the White House.
Check it out and don't laugh TOO hard.
This clip should be 'Required' watching...


The Republican Clown Crew,

who has basically accomplished NOTHING in Congress, (OK they get a Repub SCOTUS Justice  appointed-Yahoo!) now has a YUUUGE amount on their plate. Debt Ceiling extension, Tax Reform, Repeal and Replace Obamacare (Yup, at the top of prez list, along with The Wall), AND the Budget, that will be a YUUUGE fight.
And they're in session TWELVE days in Sept, when time runs out.
I'm guessing DISASTER, as the dysfunctional crew, each 'bought and paid for' by their own lobbyists will get ZERO accomplished.
Luckily, we have a skilled 'Leader' in charge. HA!
PLUS, the Trump/Russia-Collusion investigation results are REAL close to finality.
The years long stock market rally has been fizzling for months now, and has had record withdrawals lately. Of course no one knows for sure, but I'm claiming it's a good time to take some profits.
That's what the Big Boys are doing.
Just sayin'.....
Remember how it felt to lose about 50%, last time?

Investors pull billions from US stocks in longest outflow streak since 2004

  • Investors have pulled $30 billion from U.S. stock funds over the last 10 weeks,
  •  Bank of America Merrill Lynch says.
  • The latest week of outflows marks the 10th straight week of withdrawals, the 
  • longest in more than a decade, and internal positioning changes also indicate 
  • investors are becoming more defensive, the report says.
  • The outflows occurred despite the S&P 500's nearly 1 percent gain this 
  • quarter and a record high on Aug. 8.

The Orange Clown declared Hurricane Harvey a disaster

Not to be outdone, Harvey declared Trump a Total Disaster and a danger to the lives of every American.

This is SHOCKING, for one reason

I can't believe the Orange Clown's 'disapproval' numbers aren't MUCH higher.
Only one in three?
What kind of idiot can look at the vain, arrogant, unqualified, pathological LIAR and say', Yup, I like him.'
Oh yeah, the sheep, who get their news from the Repub Propaganda Machine.
Never mind...
Trump sets new records. Donald Trump started as the most unpopular new president in the history of modern polling. After seven months, things have only gotten worse.
Plunging into undesirably uncharted territory, Trump is setting new records with his dismally low approval ratings, including the lowest mark ever for a president in his first year. In fact, with four months left in the year, Trump has already spent more time under 40 percent than any other first-year president.
At 34 percent, his current approval rating is worse than former President Barack Obama’s ever was.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Wow, it's a disaster, and not Ttrump caused....

as the Orange Clown has lurched from one (self-caused) catastrophe to another. It's unusual to see a 'natural' disaster.
Good news for the Liar in Chief as Hurricane Harvey takes the headlines away from the buffoon, elected by the naive, clueless masses.
The last time Corpus Christie was hit, by Hurricane Celia, I moved from Dallas, where I was working for college tuition $, and didn't return for the fall semester.
Got a notice for a draft physical, (Hello Viet Nam), the second month I was there.
Ah, the good ol' days.. 47 years ago...

She gave the same cockeyed response EVERY time

when asked about The Wall, and who's paying for it.
 "The President is really committed to the wall and we are going to move forward." Oh.... right....

Image may contain: 1 person, sky and closeup

Tired of Winning Yet?

7-Matt Davies-Newsday and Andrews McMeel Syndicate.jpg

A NYT article, 'Why I'm Sorry I Voted for Trump'

raises a few questions.
Why is Charlottesville the last straw?
He mentions Mr. Trump’s notorious “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone,” and I assume that he is aware of the boast about grabbing women, the invitation to the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails, the exhortation to his supporters at his rallies to assault protesters, the denigration of John McCain’s military service, not to mention the endless lies.
 I can forgive a coal miner who naïvely believed that Mr. Trump could revive an industry doomed to extinction. I cannot forgive a politically sophisticated individual who was fully aware that he was promoting a candidate with a lifetime history of personal and public behavior unbecoming a future president.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Saw a good movie today, 'Wind River'

It's very well done, on the Wind River Reservation, with Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen, in the Wyoming winter, 'inspired by true events'.
Not a dull moment, which is the trait of a good movie.
Not the best flick ever, but no where near the other end.
We liked it and had a lot to talk about after.
That's always good....

One of the scariest things I've ever realized...

It's true, and one of the saddest, scariest truths I've ever realized.
I knew it was true during the Viet Nam era(R), as the 'God and Country' crowd tried to send me, with millions of my brothers, to fight and die in Southeast Asia, for the profits of a few.
Again I realize, a LARGE PART of my country, REALLY SUCKS.....
Exhibit #1?
President Donald Trump, who lies as easily as most people breathe. 
And now he says he'll shut down the govt, unless WE pay for the wall he promised Mexico would pay for.
Again, where does it go?
US landowners don't want it, cutting off access to the water.
It can't be built IN the Rio Grande river.
Mexico won't allow it.
BUT, the dipshit sheep chant, 'Build the Wall'.
Can you say DUMB ASSES?
Typical, clueless Republicans..... Nothing new here....

Again, I'm SHOCKED!

Exxon Knowingly ‘Misled’ Public On Climate Change For 40 Years, Study Says

Big Oil LIED about climate change. Duh, who da thunk? Everyione but the dumbshits who swallow FOXLies, that's who.
Global Climate Change, (Warming), is widely accepted science, known and believed by anyone with a functioning brain, which obviously excludes the Bullshit Mountain Sheep(R).
They'll believe ANYTHING/EVERYTHING that the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party tells them.
Congrats to Roger Ailes, former Repub Political Strategist, who created the alt-fact organization that gave us President Donald Trump.
OMG, it still hurts to write it....

UH-OH! I'm in trouble,

cuz I visit LOTS of anti-Trump websites. It's called being INFORMED. The only NON anti-Trump website is FOXNews, where they just 'make it up', just like the Liar in Chief, and the sheep swallow it whole....

Web hosting company ordered to turn over information on visits to anti-Trump website

I was gonna post some more lies, from the Liar in Chief

and then realized. It doesn't matter. Two out of three know he's a lying sack of shit and can't stand him. One out of three knows he's a lying sack of shit and don't care, cuz he's a lying sack of shit(R).

You grow numb. You grow weary. I recall discovering a few weeks back that President Trump had lied about two phone calls, one from the president of Mexico and one from the head of the Boy Scouts. The calls, supposedly to congratulate him, did not exist. They never happened. They were pure inventions. Asked if Trump had lied, the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said, “I wouldn’t say it was a lie.”
I actually remember shrugging. The shrug was terrifying. This is how autocrats — or would-be autocrats — cement their power. They wear you down with their lies.

And one more thing...

All the President’s Preachers
Trump’s business advisers took a moral stand. Why won’t his evangelical advisers do the same?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Great quote today from James Clapper,

former Director of National Intelligence for the US, who has never 'spoken out' on the Orange Clown before. He claimed Trump has 'exhibited an intellectual, moral and ethical void.'
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Think about it, and see if you can disagree....

Trevor Noah had a great idea, on The Daily Show

Concerning Iraq, we should just make them a (Southern) state. They have lots of guns, pickups and opiates. They are mostly uneducated, get LOTS of govt aid and are ruled by religious fanatics,
They'll fit right in and become part of the Repub base, insuring we'll always have the Pubs in charge so we can always have a war going on.
I can't imagine the jerks(R) haven't already thought of it.
Iraq, the 51st state, and there's a flag, we don't need, for them...

File it under: I can hardly wait...

British Spy Christopher Steele Has Given FBI the Names of His Sources for Trump Dossier

A recent U.S. court ruling could compel Steele to testify before lawmakers.
A former British spy has reportedly given FBI agents the names of his sources for an explosive 35-page dossier linking President Donald Trump to Russian efforts to interfere with the election.
Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele hasn’t yet spoken to congressional investigators about his findings, but he has met with FBI agents to discuss how he had learned about Trump’s alleged activities involving Russia, reported ABC News.
Steele was hired by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS to look into Trump’s background after wealthy Republicans paid the Washington, D.C.-based business about $1 million, and then later worked for Democrats who sought additional damaging information.
He was so troubled by his findings that he continued the investigation at his own expense after the election.
Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal reporter who specialized in money laundering and Russian organized crime, is scheduled to appear in a closed session with congressional investigators to discuss the dossier.

In a roomful of morons, led by an asshole

it's hard to stand out, but one idiot certainly did.
Yup, that strategically placed jackass with the 'BlacksforTrump2020.com' sign.
Check out his site and you'll find, Cherokee Indians are behind the KKK, and
This is the kind of whackjob that the Liar in Chief creates, attracts and defends. 

Click on the site to be AMAZED by the stupidity of a Trump fan. I can't be shocked anymore, but this is insane, as the whackjobs quote Bible verses to defend their insanity.


Just when you think his YUUUGE mountain of LIES

can't get any higher, it will grow by leaps and bounds, like last night in AZ, where he presided over a 'total eclipse of the facts', for his brain dead minions.

President Donald Trump went to Arizona on Tuesday night and delivered what has now become a trademark speech: Full of invective, victimhood and fact-free retellings of recent historical events.
I went through the transcript of Trump's speech -- all 77 minutes -- and picked out his 57 most outrageous lines, in chronological order. They're below.
1. "And just so you know from the Secret Service, there aren't too many people outside protesting, OK. That I can tell you."
And the list goes on, and on, and on... see ALL the lines at:

Just one more difference

between the Southerners who gave us President Trump, and the rest of us.
Because I showed some interest in big game hunting, on-line, I got on a 'mailing list', that included a 'strategy' to 'get that big buck' that is obviously common in the South.
Here in Colorado we hike MANY miles trying to find the elusive game, but down South they do it the 'easy way'.
Yup, from the ads I've been getting, it's common 'hunting' practice to begin feeding the deer, with bushels of corn, other grain, apples, etc from automated feeders. Then, on opening day, when the unsuspecting deer shows up for it's daily feeding, he gets blasted.
'Baiting' is illegal in Colorado and will get you a heavy fine and loss of your hunting license.
In Trump country, it's 'business as usual'.
Just one more difference, between 'us and them'.

Here's some facts, that the sheep won't hear from FOX

The person who commissioned the 'dossier' on Trump, that included MANY meetings with the Russians, over many yeas, concerning the 2016 elections, AND also held some gems like the 'golden showers', met with investigators for over TEN hours yesterday and he (Simpson) gave them over 40,000 pages of DOCUMENTATION, and the committee is now trying to interview Christopher Steele, the British MI-6 agent who provided much of the information.
Sounds good, huh?
And, we're hearing about a phone call between the Clown and McTurtleface, when the Liar in Chief berated the Speaker for not 'protecting' him from the Russia Collusion investigation.
According McConnell's office, it degenerated into a 'profane screaming match', before 'someone' hung up, and they haven't spoken since!
It just keeps getting better.....
Like I say, Elect a clown, expect a circus.

President Donald Trump speaks with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., after delivering his address to a joint session of Congress.

Remember when the Orange Clown was campaigning,

and lying to everyone, but only the gullible, naive morons believed him? Yup, one of his MAIN promises, other than to Repeal and Replace Obamacare, was to build The Wall and have Mexico pay for it.
Well, last night he threatened 'shut down the govt' if Congress didn't appropriate funds to PAY for the wall. And his moronic minions cheered for him.
Don't the stupid sheep EVER get tired of his lies?

Got a pic today

from friends vacationing in Telluride, that they though I might like. A resident has a couple signs in front of his property.
Dump Trump
Elect a Clown, Expect a Circus
That says it all....

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

As I post more anti-Trump stuff today

I want to reiterate. No one can blame the Orange Clown for being himself, a vain, arrogant, unqualified, lying son of a bitch. Like a pig who wallows in mud and pig shit, he's just being a pig...
BUT, it's the naive, ignorant morons who support him, thinking he's Presidential!
That's the problem....
Yup, Jesus would vote for him, for SURE.
Can I sell you a bridge? Please?

Yup, after saying Afg was a waste of time, money and blood,

the Liar in Chief LIED again.
Wow, I'm SHOCKED!.
The SOB lied to get elected, then caved to the military industrial complex that feeds on the American taxpayer. Just when you think the A-hole cam't get any worse, he always does.
Fuck him and the horse(R) he rode in on.

And you wonder why America is SO F'ed up?

as the vain, arrogant prez heads for another campaign style rally, where the mindless sheep meet to adore him.

Undaunted By Controversies, Trump Supporters Flock To Phoenix For President’s Rally

“I’m more excited about this than seeing the Beatles,” 

said one fan about Trump’s campaign rally in Arizona.

Wow, a Phoenix mayor with a brain?

The Phoenix people I know are clueless(R).
08/22/2017 12:34 pm ET

Phoenix Mayor: Donald Trump Is Not Welcome Here

“Trump has doused racial tensions with gasoline,” says 

Greg Stanton, who fears the president’s rally on 

Tuesday night will “light a match.”

This just in: and I'm SHOCKED!

(CNN)The Trump administration has halted a study of the health effects of a common mining technique in Appalachia, which is believed to deposit waste containing toxic minerals in ground waters.
letter from the Interior Department directed the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to "cease all work" on the study.
What more can you say about the A**hole?
Except maybe this:
Arizona congressman: Trump is a racist and an abject liar

Funniest quote of the day/week

but SO typical of the clueless rightwingnuts. Try not to laugh TOO loud.

Sounds like a GREAT idea!

After being 'outed', as a CIA agent, by the Bushies, after she and Joe Wilson told everyone it was IMPOSSIBLE for Saddam to have nukes/WMD's, Valerie Plame has a plan to shut down the Liar in Chief and his ignorant Tweets.

Valerie Plame Wilson wants to buy Twitter and ban President Trump

Usually I can't stand Laura Ingraham,

cuz she's such a sold-out shill, but she allied with Steve Bannon at Breitbart and called out the Liar in Chief for his latest Afghanistan announcement.
Yup, the same dipshit who railed constantly against the war, and the 'stupid leaders' who kept it going, is now sending MORE troops. He just won't say how MANY more.

Who's going to pay for it? What is our measure of success? We didn't win with 100K troops. How will we win with 4,000 more? https://twitter.com/gopchairwoman/status/899811439237574657 

Tell us what you really think, Robert

De Niro has been a New Yorker forever, and has seen the Orange Clown up close and personal, forever, and like many of us, absolutely hates him.
Robert De Niro — who once claimed he'd like to
"punch" President Trump in the face — didn't hold
back in his latest series of jabs at the commander
"If he was smart, he'd be even more dangerous," 
De Niro said of Trump in a new interview with 
Deadline. "He's dangerous as it is. He's terrible, 
and a flat-out blatant racist and doubling down 
on that, and it's good that he does because he's 
going to sink himself."
Thanks Robert., for saying what we all think.
"He's a con, a bulls--t artist, a mutt who doesn't 
know what he's talking about, doesn't do his 
homework, doesn't care, thinks he's gaming 
society, doesn't pay his taxes. He's an idiot."

Tucker Carlson, which translates to Total Dumbshit

in the language of Ebonics, was at it again, praising the Orange Clown for looking at the sun, with no eye protection.
The problem? No one knows if he was serious or joking cuz the jerk(R) praises the Liar in Chief for EVERYTHING he does, no matter HOW stupid it is.
I guess he thinks it is his job.... Oh well, nothing new here, as one dumbass jerk(R) praises another, for doing something totally stupid.
It's called being a REPUBLICAN, and there's no cure for it....
Tucker Carlson (probably) jokes about Trump staring at sun: ‘Most impressive thing any president has ever done’ (Video)

Article in the NYTimes today

Let me save you some time, so you don't have to read it. Just Look at a Map!
Other side of the world, surrounded by enemies.
Sorta like Iraq, right?
Bottom line, the Dumbass Repubs didn't learn a damn thing, or didn't care, as they made tons of money while our soldiers died and were wounded.
Same old shit from the same jerks(R).

Why Vietnam Was Unwinnable