The Liar in Chief said HE disbanded them

BUT, they had already quit, because the Orange Clown's latest racist diatribes.

A White House advisory panel of top CEO's decided to disband Wednesday after the backlash from Trump's latest tirade week left the panel little choice, according to one member.
"There was such a firestorm," the member told CNBC. "You don't know what 's coming next, what he's going to say or do next."
Members of President Donald Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum agreed to disband the group, sources told CNBC, as corporate backlash mounts against the president.
The business advisory council, made up of top business leaders, is separate from Trump's manufacturing council, which has seen seven defections this week. and also decided to 'disband', after the 'Art of Deal' (HA!) jerk has alienated nearly everyone with a functioning brain.
FOXSheep obviously excluded.


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