Those same Climatologists, that Texans(R) refuse to believe

when it come to Climate Change, just NAILED IT, when it came to the forecast of Hurricane Harvey.
BUT, the Red State is one of the leaders in Climate DENIAL, cuz they are home to the YUUUUGE fossil fuel industry, SO, that allows them to believe FOXNews, stick their heads up their butts and deny basic science, when it's convenient for them.
Yup, they choose Sean and Rush, over educated, intelligent sources. Some things never change....
Let 'em think about it while they sit in their soggy single-wides for the next couple of weeks...

"The flooding in and around America's 4th most-populous city is going to write world headlines and set records for generations," tweeted meteorologist Roger Edwards of the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center.
This is “worse than the worst-case scenario for Houston,” tweeted WeatherBell meteorologist Ryan Maue.


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