I mentioned yesterday, about the rats jumping ship

WELL, there may be some evidence for it. When the Propaganda Arm of the Repub Party can't book a Pub to defend the Liar in Chief, that just might be sign...

Fox News host Shepard Smith was unable to find
a single Republican to appear on his show to defend
President Trump's recent comments about the violence
in Charlottesville, Virginia that occurred during a recent
rally for white supremacists.
"Our booking team — and they're good — reached out
to Republicans of all stripes, across the country today.
Let's be honest, Republicans often don't really mind
coming on Fox News Channel," Smith said during his
Wednesday broadcast. "We couldn't get anyone to come
and defend him here, because we thought, in balance,
someone should do that."
Smith continued: "We worked very hard at it throughout 
the day, and we were unsuccessful."
Thanks for the honesty, Shep. Now get ready to be fired.


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