File it under: It's About Time

Finally, after several business, economic and other leaders have resigned, cuz the Orange Clown is such an ASS, the FIRST Evangelical has said, 'That's enough', from the Liar in Chief.
The first Hypocrite (finally) among the church-sheep who elected the anti-Christ has resigned
What does it take for the rest of the Bible Belt Thumpers to admit, 'We f'd up'!
What does the Orange Clown have to do for the rest of 'em to remove their heads from 'down under', and admit reality?
Oh yeah, he has (R) after his name so he can 'do no wrong'.
Nothing new here, in the world of ultimate hypocrisy.
Donald 'Pussy Grabber' Trump as the Evangelical candidate.
Are You Kidding Me?
UPDATE: 8:50 p.m. ― Pastor A. R. Bernard tweeted Friday evening that he had formally resigned from the president’s evangelical advisory board on Tuesday over “a deepening conflict in values” between himself and the administration. 


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