Add this to the YUUUGE pile of lies, that grows every day

The Liar in Chief, while engaged in an embarrassing exchange with the other nuke wielding psychopath in the world, claimed to have made the US nuclear force stronger and more powerful, since he got into office?

Aug 09, 2017

President Trump boasted on Wednesday that he
had made U.S. nuclear weapons more powerful.
In a pair of tweets sent out the day after he
threatened North Koreaover its nuclear weapons
 program, the president claimed that the U.S. arsenal is "far stronger and more powerful" than ever before.
"My first order as President was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal," he wrote.
Oh really? Do even his brain dead FOXSheep believe this crap? Do you realize how long this would take? The Orange Clown doesn't. Just like he claimed to have invented the phrase 'prime the pump', (OMG!), this arrogant a-hole just keeps spouting lies.
Why not? It's worked for him, as a certain segment(R) of our population has been lied to SO MUCH, that a few more lies from the Liar in Chief and FOXNews just rolls off them like water off a duck.
Nothing new here...


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