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Saturday, August 19, 2017

After his two largest business/economic councils were disbanded

cuz so many people QUIT, the Arts and Humanities Council announced today that they to are QUITTING.
And, this just in:
So many of the Kennedy Center Honorees have announced they are boycotting the ceremony that the Liar in Chief says he won't be attending, so he won't be a 'dstraction'. HA! With that asshole in attendance the event wouldn't happen, as none of the honorees would show up
Wow, talk about uniting the country.
The Orange Clown is an X-Spurt!
The sheep must be SO proud.....
This also JUST IN"
For the first time in memory, the NBA Champs (GS Warriors) won't ba attending the White House, cuz most of their players have refused to go.
Wow, the 'unification' continues.


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