As I see the brain-washed hordes in North Korea

pledge blind allegiance to their egotistical, 'spoiled kid' leader I can't help but think of the Bullshit Mountain sheep and their worship of the clown that is revered on FOXNews. Just as Kim Jong is presented to his flock with shameless propaganda, the Orange Clown is served to the sheep in the same manner.
Believe US! Everyone else is LYING. If it's negative news its' Fake News. The brave souls who tell the truth aren't whistleblowers, they're criminal 'leakers'. In the business world they are given rewards, but Trump would have them hunted down and jailed.
In N Korea they're killed.
 In Washington they're threatened with prison, for telling the truth about the LIAR in the White House.
The only difference between the brainwashed N Korean public and the FOXSheep are the uniforms and precision marching. The message from the leaders is the same. Believe our LIES, instead of what is SO obvious to the 'rest of the world'.


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