As I watch the local sportscast of the Rockies game

I realize the announcers are kinda 'homers', seeing every pitch and play with a bit of a bias.
Unlike a nationally broadcast World Series, or Sunday afternoon NFL game.
Like 'real' network news, the 'national' guys make a real effort to be "Fair and Balanced'.
Something FOX gave up on long ago. They are the 'homers', and much worse. They not only 'shade' everything their way, but they aren't above outright lies, which even 'hometown' play callers can't get away with.
Not so at FOX, esp when covering a lying SOB like the Orange Clown in the White House. Not even a pretense of impartiality. Which is OK I guess, for an 'entertainment' show. BUT, if you are apart of the crowd who gets 'news' from the propagandists, it's just plain criminal, for a so-called 'news' agency to lie to the sheep, like they do.
Nothing new here...


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