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Sunday, August 13, 2017

File it under WTF!

The clowns of Bullshit Mountain have 'sort of' decided to condemn the violence, by the White Supremecist hate groups who have been enabled by the Liar in Chief, when one of the Deplorables drove a car into a group of people.
Whiie supremacists, white nationalists, or alt-right are a group of people who have decided to embrace left-wing tactics and strategies to advance the noxious idea that the white race is superior to others.
SOOOO, to the FOXClowns, this 'car into the crowd' is a LEFT WING TACTIC?
Unbelievable, but SO typical of the a-holes at FOX, where they herd the Deplorables together and they ALL vote (R).
Nothing new here, as the driver who plowed into the crowd was 'cheered on' by the rightwingnuts after he killed and wounded several people.


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