I thoroughly enjoyed The Dark Tower series

of eight books by Stephen King. I can't remember being so saddened when something ended, with the exception of weeing my 'youth', in the rear-view mirror. Am not sure if it was Nate or Ted that turned Carol and I on to the series, but all of us Colorado Olsons, except Piper, have read the entire series, (some multiple times), and discussed them during family get-togethers. That is why we were excited when we heard it was going to be made into a movie, or series of movies, possibly morphing into a Netflix-type series.
My first bit of trepidation was when Idris Elba, a black guy, was cast as Roland, the Gunslinger. This is wrong on many levels, when you know the story. My thought was Jon Ham....My next YUUUGE disappointment was when I saw the preview for the movie, on TV. OMG, they totally missed the feel of the books, instead going for a Transformer-like series of slow motion explosions.
Then I read the review in the Post today and was totally disappointed, as the reviewer trashed it, for obvious reasons. He laments, 'the movie is like reading a condensed version of the King books done by a bunch of third graders'. He also said, 'it has a really weak ending, but by that point, any ending is welcome'.
Wow, I was really looking forward to movies based on the books, like 'Wolves of The Calla', 'The Wastelands', 'Wizard and Glass' and 'Wind Through the Keyhole', but it looks like King's mythical, mystical fantasy world isn't able to be transformed to the screen, at least by this crew. Not surprising, but a shame, none the less.
It has one of the best opening lines, ever...


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