If you're a business that wants to save some big money

by dumping your toxic sludge into the local water, there's never been a better time. The Trumpies are looking the other way, and they laid off most of the 'enforcers' of the laws against pollution.
Study: Fines for illegal pollution down by 60% under Trump
WASHINGTON»Fines for illegal pollution have plummeted under President Donald Trump, according to analysis by an environmental advocacy group.
The Environmental Integrity Project looked at civil penalties paid by polluters during the first six months under Trump. The group published an analysis Thursday that found penalties were less than half their levels under each of the past three presidents.
With their typical response, The Big Lie, the Liar in Chief claimed that they had charged a YUUUGE fine against a cruise line, but under closer scrutiny, the case was prosecuted, and fine levied, under the Obama admin. Without that $40 mil, the numbers would be MUCH worse, as the Orange Clown gives up our air and water to his Big Business Buddies. And this is just the beginning...
The $40 million fine Abueg cited was finalized in April as part of the sentencing of Princess Cruise Lines over the illegal dumping and concealment of oil-contaminated waste from its ships. However, the settlement, the largest ever in such a case, was actually negotiated under the Obama administration and announced in December — the month before Trump took office — as part of the company’s guilty plea to felony crimes in federal court.


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