Looking ahead, it seems the Repub Health Care fiasco was just the beginning

Raising the 'debt ceiling' looms in the near future and Repub 'Leadership' (HA) wants to pass a 'clean' bill, BUT, the far right and FAR FAR Rightwingnuts are having none of that, SO, we're gonna see another clown fight before we get to the SERIOUS stuff, as per the Budget and Tax Cuts where the Bozos are even further apart.
Should be entertaining as they(R) fiddle while Rome burns. At least we'll get to see some stellar 'leadership' from the Orange Clown in the White House. HA!
And, according to CNBC this morning, this could all play out against a backdrop with CIA and FBI officials testifying against The Liar in Chief on 'Obstruction of Justice' charges, as he's already been caught in several LIES, while Meuller is patiently building a case. Fun, fun fun.....


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