Not sure WHY, but whenever you see 'Progress' in the name

of a PAC, Committee or esp a 'Poll', you can be sure it's rightwingnut sponsored bullshit That was proven again today when the Liar in Chief re-tweeted the results of a YUUUUGE (actually under 30K), specially chosen flock of sheep. Never mind the 'real' polling agencies, Quinnippiac, Gallup etc, that say the Orange Clown is at 33% approval (and falling), the floating turd jumped on this unknown, right-skewed fake news piece and 'catapulted the propaganda', as GW admitted to doing.

Who is a better President of the United States? 

According to the poll, conducted by the account "Progress Polls," 61 percent believe Trump is the better President of the the United States, compared to 39 percent who cast a vote for Obama. The poll was first tweeted mid-day on August 4, and ended with a total of 28,589 votes.
The POLL represents less than the average attendance at a Rockies baseball game, but the Liar in Chief LOVED it and catapulted it to his clueless sheep, who swallowed it.
What a JOKE as prez... 


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