OMG! As if FOX isn't bad enough

now we have Sinclair 'news' buying their way into 'Prime Time Propaganda', with a $3.2 Billion purchase of television media across the country.
Yup, the same crowd that promoted Trump, and 'requires' a certain % of 'positive' Conservative coverage, on EVERY newscast, is now in a position to follow Roger Ailes' dream of Repub propaganda on a national format. That's how we got FOXNews and PRESIDENT Trump.
For those who buy into 'the end times', this has to be a YUUUUGE sign...
'News' media, owned by the rightwingnut propagandists.. Haven't we seen this crap before?

They are called “must-runs,” and they arrive every day at television stations owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group — short video segments that are centrally produced by the company. Station managers around the country are directed to work them into the broadcast over a period of 24 or 48 hours, and they all 'tilt right'.
At that point it's not news, it's propaganda. The same format that has worked SO well for FOX and the Republicans.


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