Originally it was Trump's word, against a reporter's

about the Orange Clown calling the White House 'a real dump', then 2 more came forward, saying they also heard the chronic liar say it.
The Liar in Chief again denied it, in one his famous Tweets, saying it never happened and calling it 'Fake News' which is his(R) term for inconvenient facts. Now, several more witnesses, who heard the lying sack o' shit call the WH a dump are stepping up.
Wow, who ya gonna believe?
I know, what's one more lie, when the King of Bullshit has hundreds? And the sheep don't give a shit that they elected a pathological liar? Well, it bothers me and I'm gonna continue to expose the LIES from the clown that was elected by the gullible/ignorant FOXNews minions.
The liar's lies are SO egregious that even FOX notices. but they call them 'misrepresentations of the truth'. Something they are X-spurts in, as they groomed millions of misinformed minions.

Reporter: 8 'members and staffers' at golf club heard Trump call the White House a 'dump'


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