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Friday, August 18, 2017

Remember the Orange Clown's campaign remarks

when answering questions about being totally unqualified as prez?
The Liar in Chief said. 'I know all the BEST people, and will surround myself with them'.
WELLLLLL, in the last couple weeks, we've seen his BEST people hear, 'YOU'RE FIRED', which is the Bozo's most famous line. From Spice-baby, to The Mooch, then Reince Priebus and now Steve Bannon, following Sally Yates, Mike Flynn and Michael Comey, among many others.
Not saying these were BAD firings, but it just goes to show what a loose cannon the asshole in chief actually is, as he jumps from one crisis into the next. After defending Nazis and the KKK, he Tweets to the world about Pershing and pig blood.
Can you imagine the deep regret you'd have, if you were one of the gullible sheep who voted for this 'disaster', to lead our country?
Although, I'm sure that crowd just listens to FOX and has NO CLUE as to what is happening, while more and more business leaders and GOP members 'distance themselves' from the Orange Clown in the White House.
And we haven't even heard from Meuller and his Russia Collusion probe, YET......
BTW, did you know Steve Bannon is Rosie ODonnell, in disguise?


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