Some people thought that the Repubs,

now that they have a majority in Congress, and the presidency could get SOME kind of health care done. HA! This is the 'head up their ass' crew.
new survey released Friday from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation finds that 78 percent of Americans say Trump and his administration should "do what they can to make the current health care law work."
Even though 78% of Americans, incl a MAJORITY of Pubs say they want Obamacare FIXED, not repealed, the A-holes(R), lead by the Orange Clown, are refusing to negotiate across the aisle.
Even the gullible, moronic sheep oughta see a problem with that approach.
NAH, what am I thinking. Supposing they are logical/rational? Nope, they're FOXSheep, and it's 'My way or the highway', for the jerks(R).
Never mind...

Poll: Americans overwhelmingly say Trump should try to make Obamacare work


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