The Orange Clown, biggest publicity whore EVER

let the Russia Sanctions Bill sit on his desk for 3 days, then, unlike all his other YUUUGE bill signing fiascoes, he finally signed it, with ZERO fanfare or publicity, while calling it 'unconstitutional' and bitching about Congressmen who couldn't even pass healthcare shouldn't tell him what to do. He signed it under severe duress, only because he KNEW that his veto would be overridden in a bipartisan vote.
SOOO, he reluctantly put pen to paper, cuz he had NO CHOICE, while apologizing to Russia.
I wonder who has him by the balls?  MaybeVlad Baby?
I can only imagine the backchannel calls where the Liar in Chief apologizes profusely for the bill and PROMISED that he would do everything possible to negate the sanctions.


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