The White Supremecist groups began to emerge, nationally,

when the Liar in Chief started his 'birther' attacks on Obama. This was before we KNEW he was/is a lying sack o' shit, and only suspected it.
Yup, the Orange Clown rose to power with the Deplorables(R) when he questioned Obama's legitimacy, saying he was a Kenyan-born Muslim (nearly HALF of Repubs still believe it. Thanks FOX), with his reports of his 'You won't believe what my Private Investigators in Hawaii are finding, You won't believe it...'
Well, he's half right. The rightwingnuts believe any and ALL anti-Dem, pro-Repub bullshit.
Now, we're seeing the beginnings of a race war in the US, thanks to the Orange Clown in the White House who has legitimized the 'Make America Hate Again' and mobilized the cockroaches to venture into the sunlight with their racist crap.
When given a chance to denounce them and their hatred, the Liar in Chief blamed the violence on 'many sides'.
Never mind, why do I bother? Anyone who has seen the 'rise and lies' of the Orange Clown and STILL supports him is SO FAR out there that I want ZERO contact with them in my life.
There are gray areas in life, but some things are just unforgivable, and being a Trumpie is one of them.


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