There's a portion(R) of the US public

that doesn't/won't believe the FACT, that Reagan-led henchmen, with help from the ultra-asshole Oliver North, financed and structured the pipeline of drugs,(crack cocaine) into the inner cities of the US, to finance the illegal war that Reagan waged, under the table.
Yup, I've tried to explain it to the rightwingnuts, BUT, that went against the St Ronnie syndrome, SO, they refused to believe it.
Drugs Bad. St. Ronnie Good. Does not compute...
New movie, starring Tom Cruise, called 'Made in America' that will make it SO simple that even the 'head up their ass' crowd can understand it. BUT, am sure they will call it a 'Fake' Movie which they learned from the Liar in Chief to deal with any and all 'inconvenient facts'.


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