What if you were expected to BELIVE something

that you KNEW wasn't true? But friends and family claimed it was the one and only choice, for 'good' people. Don't waver or you're lost.
Would that make you a Republican. or a literal Bible believer? Or BOTH?
Bottom line, I wonder what they think/believe when they are alone with their thoughts.
Or do they even contemplate reality? Is belief in science really from Satan or a Liberal hoax?
Does God hate gays or can they be 'fixed'?
I'm guessing they just swallow the official line, and tune into FOX, while hoping they don't burn in the Lake of Fire for eternity, as the Good Book promises those who question God's Word, written by man.
Bottom line, the Pubs plowed fertile ground and the Liar in Chief found an audience that will swallow whatever swill that passes from his vile mouth when they hooked up with the crowd that believes Noah's ark is Real and FOX is a 'news' agency.
Voila! President Donald Trump, vain, arrogant pathological liar, courtesy of the True Believers.
What could possibly go wrong?


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