When he's not holding campaign-style rallies

basking in the praise of a crowd full of ignorant, gullible FOXSheep, the Liar in Chief is making up FAKE phone calls, like those from the head of the Boy Scouts and the president of Mexico. Ms. Huckster admitted as much yesterday.
This, after lying about Donnie Jr's meeting with the Russians (adoption!). And this is within a few days. This type of behavior isn't acceptable from a petty criminal, let alone the President of the United States.
BUT, does it bother his clueless ignorant minions? Of COURSE not. He has (R) after his name so ANYTHING is OK. When will they realize they've been PLAYED, as suckers?
Just as they choose to believe the 3% vs the 97% of climatologists on Climate Change, they believe the Propaganda Network created by Roger Ailes, head Political Strategsit for the Repub party over THE REST OF THE WORLD.
Yup, them sheep is REEEEL smart....


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